The Vision

Why Mission Gateway?

Mission Gateway Inc is the not-for-profit organisation behind the (soon to be constructed) crowdfunding website.

​The platform exists to reveal the various missions currently serving throughout the world and give believers an array of straightforward & intuitive media for providing financial & spiritual support to these missionaries.

​The goal is for MissionGateway, with help from our supporters, to release a global network of passionate & strategic church-planting local congregations that actively pursue the Great Commission across generations until Christ's return.
The vision is to see the Church of Jesus Christ across denominations & cultures fulfilling the commission to make disciples of all nations.

We aim to create a community that connects local churches & missionary workers to the wider Body of Christ for spiritual & material support as they preach the gospel to every community in the world.

It's been over 2000 years since Jesus gave his church the mandate of making disciples of all people groups. He wants disciples who, as children of God, outwardly live out the inner power they receive through the Holy Spirit. He wants disciples who continue to grow in maturity as they fulfill the work he planned in advance for them to do.

​Jesus came to save humanity from its rebellion & separation from God. He came to establish the Kingdom of Heaven. This mission - the Great Commission - is nowhere near being fulfilled by Christ's followers who must preach the Gospel & raise disciples. A deliberate, unselfish, committed & resourceful effort is needed to reinforce the missionary work already done by past pioneers & to make inroads where none exist.